Preorder Mou 1.0 at 50% discount

We plan to sell Mou 1.0 at $30 each copy. Preorder now at 50% discount!

We've noticed that Mou doesn't run on Sierra, currently fixing this issue is our fist priority, please be patient.

Release date of 1.0 is unknown yet but we are still working on it. We'll update this page upon any news. Until that, please continue enjoy the free Mou 0.8.7 beta, thank you!

We haven't release Mou 1.0 yet, the Mac App Store version is not from us, it's an imposter, a rip-off, a brand copycat, we only release Mou on our website, please be careful. We've already submitted an App Store Content Dispute to Apple.

We'll send the license after Mou 1.0 release.

Preorder via PayPal $15

Can't use PayPal? You can also preorder via 支付宝.

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